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Superwoman Survival Stories Book 1


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A widow.
A broken-heart.
A chronic disease patient.
A superwoman. Super tired.

These women are some of my favorites; my friends, role models, inspirations. Their stories hopefully motivate you and resonate with you.

None of those above-listed phrases are appropriate labels for the women in this book. The most fitting would be “Survivors.”
We all have or will deal with some level of stress, trauma or challenge that will make or break us. Women, in particular, have a way with handling hard times that come our way. However, too frequently, we handle them with consequences. We become Superwomen, who leave ourselves last in order to keep everyone else first. Unfortunately, those consequences can be life-long or even fatal. I have dedicated my life to helping women through this phenomenon, called the Superwoman Complex.

I was inspired to bring these women together--some that I’ve known personally for years; others that I’ve known only for a short time through social media and writing—to share their incredible stories of trauma to triumph with the world. We pray it helps someone else to share his or her own story to change the perception of what it means to live in your own truth and be happy in this thing called Life.

We hope it helps you and that you love it.